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  Bridgeport Ethanol - About Us  02/22/23 5:13:29 PM

Bridgeport Ethanol, LLC (BPE) was formed in November 2006, as a “state of the art” $60 million dollar facility.  With Investments from local investors that include farmers and ranchers, as well as local businesspeople that primarily reside in wester Nebraska and Northeast Colorado, Bridgeport Ethanol became the third operating plant in The Sterling Ethanol Group.  The plant was up and producing within 14 months and received the first truckloads of corn in 2008.

The plant was designed with a production capacity of 42 million gallons of ethanol annually.  We are currently producing 53 million gallons a year and are working towards a 60 million gallon a year goal through various modifications and optimization efforts.  In addition to ethanol, the plant will produce approximately 410,000 tons of wet distiller’s grain along with 175,000 tons of CO2 gas each year.  BPE also produces distillers corn oil and syrup that are sold into the feed industry and other biofuels manufacturing segments like biodiesel and renewable diesel production.

The plant has 30 employees and operates 24 hours a day.  Each day over 50,000 bushels of corn are used in ethanol production.  Each bushel of corn produces roughly 2.9 gallons of ethanol.  The distiller’s grain produced as a co-product of ethanol is highly sought after by area cattle feeders as a high protein feed additive. 
There are nearly 120 trucks accessing the plant each day delivering corn, taking distiller’s grain to cattle feeders, and transporting ethanol to refineries.  This doesn’t include deliveries of parts and equipment, or other ingredients for the process.  Ethanol and distiller’s corn oil are also shipped out by rail to various destinations.

Bridgeport Ethanol recently announced plans to build a carbon capture and sequestration plant, in partnership with Carbon America, directly adjacent to the ethanol plant, with safe and secure underground sequestration in the vicinity of the plant.  This project will enable BPE to reduce the carbon intensity of ethanol production and increase their competitiveness in the market, while cleaning up the environment.

Bridgeport Ethanol, LLC
10106 S. Railroad Ave.
Bridgeport, NE 69336
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